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Read and analyze Cbs.log


Read and analyze Cbs.log is a small application that aims to provide a more comfortable means of taking a closer look at the logs created by SFC.exe, the built-in Windows Resource Checker utility.

The CBS.log file contains the information coming from Windows Modules Installer service as well. Thus, you can view repaired, still unrepaired and repairing corrupted entries.

Download link : Read and analyze Cbs.log


Hibernate On Off

 Enable or disable the Windows Hibernate

Hibernate On Off is a lightweight and easy to use application that you can use to disable or enable the Hibernate mode.

Deactivating the Windows Hibernate mode will help you free up some space on your hard drive.

Download link : Hibernate On Off.exe - 66 KB

Caps Lock Status

Caps Lock Status is a lightweight utility that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of checking if the Caps Lock is on.

The application resides in the lower right corner of the desktop, above the system tray and when the Caps Lock key is pressed it changes color from red to green.

Download link : Caps Lock Status.exe - 106 KB

Drag and drop md5  Cheksum

Calculate the MD5 hash for any file.

Drag and drop MD5 checksum is a lightweight application that allows you to view the MD5 hash for any file. You can also copy it to clipboard with just one click.

You just need to drag and drop a file on the program's main window in order to view the hash number.

Download link : Drag and drop md5 checksum.exe - 104 KB

MD5 :5CBF200B4D5730CBF7CB58822ED45B62

Hex rgb color codes

HEX RGB color codes is a small application that allows you to easily find out a color's HEX code.

You simply have to select the color and the application will automatically display the corresponding HEX and RGB codes.

Download link : HEX RGB color codes.exe - 340 KB


Restore default Send To Context Menu Items

This application will help users restore the standard Send To context (right click) menu entries.

These items might be missing due to malware actions or some third-party software might have left

traces within the menu. For WINDOWS Vista and 7

Download link : Restore default Send To Context Menu Items.exe - 266 KB


· NET Framework 2.0

Restor hosts file


Restore hosts file is a very small and simple application that will help you restore the original hosts file with a single mouse click. 

All you have to do is to start the application and click the "Restore the original hosts file" button.

Download link :

Restore hosts file.exe - 96 KB


· NET Framework 2.0



 Icon desktop in Taskbar repair By Batchapp

Restaurer l'icône Afficher le bureau dans la barre de lancement rapide

Restore Show Desktop Shortcut Icon in Quick Launch Toolbar

Download link : Icon desktop in Taskbar repair By Batchapp.bat - 2 KB