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Virtual ruler cm


A simple ruler for your desktop

Virtual ruler cm is a lightweight and easy to use application that will place a simple ruler on your desktop.

You can use it to measure window dimensions in centimeters or milimeters, but also other items, such as banners or pictures.

Download link : virtual ruler cm.exe - 64 KB


Purge & Rebuild The Icon CachE


Purge & Rebuild The Icon Cache description

 An application designed to help you rebuild your icon cache

Purge & Rebuild The Icon Cache is a lightweight program that can help you rebuild the icon cache.

In Windows Vista and 7, this operation can be done manually, but this application can automate the process. Rebuild or restore the icon cache easily with this handy tool!

Download link : Purge Rebuild The Icon Cache.exe - 70 KB

 auditor of dead pixels

A simple auditor of dead pixels for TFT/LCD monitors.

Auditor of dead pixel is a small and very easy to use application that will help you find dead pixels on your TFT / LCD monitor.
Auditor of dead pixel
has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features. 

MD5 : 1FA6DC2FA9A4F00DDD121AE20A59F7F9 

SHA1 : F5AABB613E45E209F894B5D20565CA09AF2110B4

· NET Framework 2.0

 Download link:Auditor of dead pixel.exe - 76 KB

Restore the Show Desktop icon in Quick Launch toolbar

Restores the 'Show Desktop' icon to the Quick Launch

This application allows you to restore the 'Show Desktop' icon in the Quick Launch section. It is very useful if the 'Show Desktop' icon has been accidentally removed or is missing.

You simply have to push the 'Restore' button and then you will view the 'Show Desktop' icon on your Qucik Launch.

MD5 : 99F7BD1C15AC53C0D65E18744EF08D6E

SHA1 : 7CB7A5096D403702031E83E6190B20578EA14C90

Download link : Restore the Show Desktop icon in Quick Launch toolbar.exe - 380 KB

hacker spreak converter

A small text converter utility.

Hacker Speak Converter is a small command line application that will help you convert normal text to l33t speak the Hacker Language - h4ck3r 5p34k.

You just need to enter the text you wan to convert and the application will instantly convert it.

Download link : Hacker Speak Converter.bat - 2 KB